Monday, May 14, 2012

Hello friends and supporters, we have a few updates for you:

1. Foss is over 10% of the way to his goal - big thank you!

2. Our first batch of eBay auctions raised alomst $800 from people in four countries! We are putting together another set of items and will let you know when they go up.

3. We have another fun way you can help Foss out...every year or so we create a Peryer Family Cookbook which we give to family and friends at the holidays. Now, if you would like to buy one, a little over $5.00 from each one will go towards helping Foss meet his goal. Info about the book, including how to order, can be found here.

There are some other fun things coming up to move us toward our goal. Please help spread the word.


Larry & Molly


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