Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hi Again,

Please check out our neighbor, Katia's piece about FST on her blog, Pardon Me For Asking. I think it just about sums up our mission.

We have raised just shy of $10,000! People are coming out of the wood work -- hello, Rob Feingold! Rob was a few years ahead of me at Nobles (my highschool) and he was a loyal companion to my brother, Alex when he was bedridden with cancer nearly 30 years ago. Rob and his sister Steph, who was my classmate, both donated this week and I am just incredibly moved by their generosity and thoughtfulness. And they're not the only ones! 85 people have signed on at to support us.

We are grateful to so many friends and family for continuing to get the word out. One of my closest friends, Edie Carey, whom I've known since nursery school (this was in the days before "preschool") has been kind enough to reach out to the Nobles community on our behalf, and it has rallied. Thank you Ali, Cortney, the Thompsons, Annie, and Regan. "Thank you" feels woefully inadequate. It is incredibly moving to see your names and encouraging words by the photo of Foss, a little boy you have never even met before.

Finally, I just wanted to mention that on Tuesday next week (5/22), from 3:00 to 5:00 we will be having a fundraiser at 16 Handles, the frozen yogurt shop on Court Street in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Foss Standing Tall will receive 16% of the proceeds from sales during that two hour period. Please come by and indulge with us. It's delicious! Foss, aka Foster-the-People/Fossie-Bear/Senor Foss will be there with Vicki, his grammy, Henry and me.


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