Friday, June 29, 2012

What's with the incredible shriking fundraising goal?

Our original online fundraising goal was $83,470 and today it is listed at $70,034.

What happened?

No, the costs associated with sending Foss to Standing Tall did not decrease. But some really amazing things did happen...

Since we started this effort in early May, over 135 people and families have helped us raise almost $20,000 through our YouCaring website. How's about that?

We also had a bunch of offline help: eBay auctions, fundraisers with local merchants, and two stoop sales helped bring in close to $3,000.

One family friend also contributed $10,000.00. Yes, the commas and decimal points are in the right places. Our single largest contribution (so far!) came from one person, so all told we raised around $13,000 offline, an amount which we subtracted from the overall goal listed on this page.

So here is the update:

We needed to raise $83,470.
$20,165 came in through the YouCaring site.
$13,436 came in offline
As of June 29, we have raised $32,601, enough for us to retain the legal services required for all of this, to make the first tuition payment and to start chipping away at the November tuition payment.

That leaves us with a few months to raise the remaining $50,869 to cover tuition and final legal fees.

You have all been so generous and supportive thus far, thank you so much.

As summer rolls along we will be putting together other initiatives to help us get the rest of the way there. We will be posting about those here on the Facebook page we set up to keep everyone up to speed.

Much love,

Larry, Molly, Henry and FOSS!


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