Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We have reached our goal!

Dear friends,

Did you hear that sound? It was a massive exhale emanating from the Peryer home.

You see, within the last 10 days a handful of people came forward and put together the remaining funds we needed for Foss. We have sent the tuition payments to Standing Tall and are now embarking on the "process" part of our journey.

We are still a bit stunned. Not by your support and generosity but by the fact that it is really happening - Foss is going to get the best opportunity we could find for him. Thank you so much!

We are going to keep this website and our Facebook page up. We thought we might post from time-to-time about our experiences with all of this, and certainly will keep you all updated as Foss embarks on this new chapter.

Enjoy your summer, you will hear from us soon.

With many thanks and much love,

The Peryer Family.


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